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A2 Milk
Researcing the Properties of Guernsey Milk and Yoghurt
By Chris Watson
Mar 13, 2009 - 1:00:33 AM

Guernsey milk and yoghurt are an unique bovine products in the UK as they contain very high levels of A2 Beta Casein (90 95%  A2 as opposed 20 50% in normal milk). As well as this, Guernsey products are high in Beta Carotene, Protein, Calcium and have a better balance of Omega 3 than other UK bovine milks.

The benefits of Guernsey products (through its high A2) to children with Autistic symptoms are showing up more and more. The majority of parents trying the milk, since the recent Channel 5 reports, are returning for more and reporting, in particular, considerable calming effects on the children. At a year long trail at a school for handicapped children, those with Autism had a third fewer behavioural incidents when on Guernsey products rather than on normal products.

We are in the process of getting this evidence scientifically analysed in order to establish the truth, but in the meantime this anecdotal evidence is suggesting that a lot of Autistic children can benefit from drinking Guernsey products. To further this research we have distributed a questionnaire to all the retail suppliers of Guernsey milk and yoghurt to distribute to their regular customers. The answers will be analysed for hopeful publication.

The questionnaire is shown below for information only. If you are using Guernsey milk and/or yoghurt and have not had a copy sent you by your milk supplier or are using milk from a local supplier and feel you could contribute please let me know at cwatson917@btinternet and I will see you get a copy.

Note:  The scientific claims in this article are believed to be true, but are still subject (as mentioned) to further evaluation.  No representations or warranties are made by the EGCS.

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