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Guernsey Business : Herd Sales Last Updated: Oct 5, 2010 - 10:08:48 PM

Dispersal of the Golden Valley Herd - Peter Burton
By Peter Burton
Jun 14, 2008 - 12:46:03 PM

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Information about the dispersal sale of the Golden Valley Herd can be downloaded from the auctioneer's website --- just click here.

The following information is contained in the auction details, and is copied here for the convenience of potential purchasers:

Foreward by Peter Burton:

I have reluctantly decided that due to my continuing ill health, coupled with the investment which is required on the farm, that now is the time to cease milk production at Moat Farm and disperse the herd.

Milk production started at Moat Farm with the Guernseys in the late 70's and the Golden Valley herd was formed. Cows have always been milked extensively, with the emphasis on producing as much milk from forage as was possible, with very little concentrate ever been fed.

The cows have been bred for type and longevity and indeed many cattle over the years have produced in excess of ten calves. Having not pushed the cattle the herd is very healthy with no evidence of any diseases and youthful very looking.

Calving takes place all year round and cattle are fed mostly round bale silage in the winter with some pit silage.

The herd has been in the capable hands of my herdsman, Paul Hayes, for some years now and I would like to thank him for his hard work.

I look forward to seeing you at the sale and I am sure these cows will do well for their successful purchasers.

Peter Burton


  • Holding number: 14/168/0285
  • Herd Mark: 320793
  • Last TB test: 03/05/08
  • No evidence of Johnes, IBR ,BVD or Lepto.
  • BSE free
  • Dry cow therapy: Cepravin (51 day)
  • Herringbone parlour (2x)
  • Loose housed
  • The herd is fed a ration of grass silage and round bale silage, with concentrates in the parlour. MILK RECORDS
  • NMR Herd number: 05/79292/01
  • Weigh Date: 12/05/08
  • Rolling Herd Average: 4513 kgs 4.23 %F 3.59 %P cc189

Update - 19 June 2008:

In response to Kim's comment on this article, I checked on the auctioneer's website and found this information:


A packed sale ring of breed enthusiasts from as far afield as Cornwall and Norfolk ensured a successful outcome for the dispersal sale of Peter Burtonís herd of pure Guernseys and Guernsey crosses at Newent, Gloucestershire.

The top price of 1,500gns was paid by R J Smith of Dereham, Norfolk, for the 5th calver Hampton Lily 485th, a daughter of Shalford Yette.

Unregistered Monica, a February calved 4th calver served in May by the Hereford stock bull and giving 30.2kgs daily, sold for 1,450gns to Dallynís Dairy of Barnstaple, Devon.

Unregistered Monica, a February calved 4th calver served in May by the Hereford stock bull and giving 30.2kgs daily, sold for 1,450gns to Dallynís Dairy of Barnstaple, Devon.

Another February calver, non-pedigree Becca, sold for 1,350gns to E A Westcott & Sons, Porlock, Somerset. The 2nd   calver had recorded 5,058kgs as a heifer.

The Friesian cross Guernsey 2nd   calver Hortense, due with her 3 rd within the month to the Hereford, sold to J Stagg & Sons, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, for 1,300gns. 

In-calf heifers sold to 1,100gns for the Shorthorn cross Lily, a daughter of the top priced cow. Yearling cross-bred heifers sold to 500gns.


44 milking cows and heifers £955.58
10 cross-bred served heifers £620.55
10 cross-bred yearling heifers £508.25
7 cross-bred heifer calves £289.50

Prices in the dispersal sale of the suckler cow herd that followed peaked at £1,310 for the 2001 born Belgian Blue cross cow and her April 2008 born Belgian Blue sired bull calf.

A 2000 born Montbeliarde cow, 7 months in-calf to the Hereford, sold for £930, and the 4 year old Hereford stock bull made £1,130.

Auctioneers:  Gwilym Richards & Co.


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