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Guernsey Business : Herd Sales Last Updated: Oct 5, 2010 - 10:08:48 PM

Coopers Court Guernseys to 2,800 Guineas
By Carole Burdett - Norton and Brooksbank
Oct 20, 2008 - 7:10:08 PM

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Several very determined buyers from as far away as Cornwall, Pembrokeshire, Noth Yorkshire and Norfolk made for a very good trade when Mr W.J Forrest dispersed his good Coopers Court herd of 190 pedigree Guernseys at Stockenchurch on Monday 29 September 2008.

A total of 22 individuals made 4-figure prices with a top price of 2,800 guineas for the very smart young cow Viaduct Rizzo, bred by Mrs P.A Greenwood. Having calved at just 24 months she gave 6,565kg 4.9 3.58 as a heifer and calved her second at only 2yr 11m in July. She caught the eye of several bidders but Digby Gribble made the final bid on behalf of Maurice Grose, to join his prize-winning Trewarnevas herd near Helston in Cornwall. Rizzo is by Edgewater Meadows Yogibear, whose 7 milking daughters in the sale averaged £1,165. Slindon Posies Ambionic had several daughters in the sale of high quality and one of these – Bickfield Sandy 27, made 1,550 guineas and will join the load to Mr & Mrs Grose.

Maurice Durbin, who sold a substantial portion of his well known Bickfield herd to Colin Gleed & Mr Forrest to start the Coopers Court herd, repaid the compliment and purchased 3 of the best cows including Bickfield Dolly 36 at 1,500 guineas. A daughter of Rozelyn Patmar Perfect Tony, she gave over 6,000kg as a heifer and sold 5 weeks calved giving 26kg.

Young stock were a great trade with the 34 heifer calves at foot averaging £284 with a top of 600 guineas for a Boskenna Junes Royal Oak daughter out of Bickfield Sandy 27, mentioned above. She travels to Carmarthen to join Messrs C J R & SMH Evans’ Hilcol herd. The yearling / bulling heifers were a brisk trade averaging over £450 with a top of 620gns twice.

  • 107 Cows & Calved Heifers avg. £840
  • 2 Served Heifers avg. £409
  • 35 Maiden Heifers avg. £452
  • 144 lots (incl 34 ‘A’ lots) avg. £730.62
  • 11 barren cows avg. £338




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