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Royal Cornwall Show - 2010
By Philip Cox
Jul 4, 2010 - 6:14:33 PM

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This year’s show was held at Wadebridge on June 10th to 12th. Eight exhibitors were present with twenty seven cattle forward. Cornish exhibitors - the Warren Family , the Grose Family (including daughter Chloe, showing in her own name,) David Christophers and Ian Rowe, were joined by Brian and Sheila Adams (also looking after the Addington Fund’s maiden heifer) and Catherine Mills and Richard Norman. Judge for the day was Philip Cox who certainly had some tough decisions to make. The ringside was full of local breeders and interested parties, which we come to expect from this very rural show. Although the weather was dull and sometimes chilly, the cattle looked a picture and were a credit to their owners.

Champion on the day was Tredinney Pedro’s Flo 4, from the Warren family and shown by Ed Hosking. Reserve was Mayne Aaron Sylvia, a former Dairy Show winner, from Mills and Norman and shown by Catherine Mills.

It was lovely to see, once again, all the Grose grandchildren competing with their calves except the youngest, Benjamin, who is still in his pram. They were joined by Caitlyn Eddy, Cerys Richards and Ian Rowe, who was awarded Hon Mention with his extremely well balanced and correct seven month old calf

Judge Philip Cox reports.   

It was an honour to have been asked to judge The Royal Cornwall Show and I must congratulate the competitors on the quality of the animals forward. Although the numbers were a little down on previous years, the traits of the “modern Guernsey” were evident in all age groups.

Maiden Heifers under 12 months

The first class, Maiden Heifer under 12 months of age, was a large class with calves forward ranging in age from 3 weeks to 12 months. I wish to give particular mention to all the Grose Grandchildren who were leading calves in a very professional way. I’m sure if Morris had been there he would have been very proud indeed. However my eye was immediately taken by Ian Rowe’s 7 month old Rowan Chandelier by Thornton Hercules, a quite stunning calf, well balanced and clean boned who I placed first closely followed by DW, RJ and JR Warren’s Tredinney Yogis Periwinkle 8 which did not have quite the quality over the rump of my first calf.

Maiden Heifers under 2 years

The next class, Maiden Heifer under 2 years was also taken by a Thornton Hercules daughter, Trewarnevas Hercules Laurinda, this time shown by Miss Chloe Bottom. Another clean boned dairy calf showing great promise for the future, RJ Norman and Miss C Mills Cadbury Hawk Poppy was placed second.

Heifers in calf under 3 years

Heifer in Calf under 3 years of age was next. There were five entries in this class, all well grown and mature. My choice for first place went to Tredinney Lamars Louisa by Rutter Bros Option Lamar, a well proportioned heifer with great strength, with RJ Norman and Miss C Mills Cadbury Hawk Onyx in second place closely followed by Mr M and Mrs AE Grose’s Trewarnevas Day by Shalford Pacific.

Heifers in milk

Heifer in Milk brought forward 3 heifers with great promise. David Christopher’s Tredinney Buzzard’s Bracken, a veteran of the Show Ring, paraded with great presence and in spite of her being a little stale, I had no hesitation in placing her first above Tredinney Andantes Eclipse 11, VG88 followed by Tredinney Silverados Primrose 21, VG87 in third.

Dry Cows

The Dry Cow Class presented with me with 2 “seasoned campaigners” of the Show Ring, Norman and Mills Mayne Aaron Sylvia, a very worthy South West Dairy Show Winner in 2008 and Clay Hill Glenda 4, who had been my Champion at Stithians in 2009. After much contemplation I decided on Sylvia in first place, such a powerhouse of a cow. I very much look forward to seeing her back in Milk Classes.

The Cow in Milk Classes were to present me with a double dilemma, as in both classes I was presented with outstanding cows, slightly lame and parading with a foot block.

Intermediate Cows in milk

In the Intermediate Class it was Tredinney Yogis Primrose 16, a quite outstanding, mature cow having had much success in the Show Ring but she was lame. After much soul searching I placed her second below Tredinney Pedros Flo, EX91, one of the Warren family’s many excellent mature cows which are such a credit to them. I placed Mr M and Mrs AE Grose’s Bickfield Lillian 14 in third place, a cow with great strength but lacking the quality in the udder of my two former cows.

Senior Cows in milk

The Senior Cow Class proved no easier, as Laity Farm Primrose 97, EX94, also arrived in the Ring wearing a block. What a dilemma! For a cow of 10 years of age  who still has everything in the right place  and has proved herself over and over again, I felt compelled to place her over the Grose’s St Senara Annie, who although very correct did not possess the strength and dairyness of Primrose on the day.

The Group of Three animals was won by the group shown by Richard Norman and Catherine Mills. Not everyone may have agreed with my decision, but I was faced with three Groups, two of which contained a lame cow. So they naturally did not parade as well and at the end of the day a Dry Cow with two mature In Calf Heifers did match and also paraded well.

Now for the Championship.

Tredinney Pedros Flo 4 EX 91

On any other day I know exactly who I would have placed up but my choices were severely restricted by other factors and with an eye to the InterBreed Championship the following day, I had no hesitation in placing the Warren’s Intermediate Cow, Tredinney Pedros Flo as Breed Champion with the evergreen Mayne Aarons Sylvia in Reserve. My Honourable Mention went to Ian Rowe and his Hercules heifer calf, Rowan Chandelier, who I suspect we shall be seeing a lot more of in forthcoming years.  

My congratulations to all the competitors on the quality of their animals, to The Royal Cornwall Show for their excellent hospitality and to all the Members of the Cornwall Branch who work so hard and make everyone so welcome on the Breed Stand. It was especially nice to see Nancy Mills at the Show, supporting Catherine, I’m sure we all wish her well at this difficult time.


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