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Royal Norfolk Show - 2010
By Colin Gleed
Aug 1, 2010 - 11:55:59 AM

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Judge Colin Gleed reports:

The 2010 Royal Norfolk Show was held on the 30th June and 1st July at Norwich. The three exhibitors keeping the Guernsey Classes going were Nigel and Anne Kennard, Ron Smith and Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses, with 12 cattle forward.

It was a very warm day, and the Guernseys had to wait until 11.30 am before they could be judged, due to record entries of beef cattle. Having arranged with the Stewards to split the Dexter ring, after a frustrating morning, judging commenced with a single entrant in the Heifer in Calf Class, albeit a smart, dairy heifer by Land of the Living Garrett, Sharnford Lucinda, owned by Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses.

Sharnford Lucinda

Next came the Heifer In Milk Class, won by the same exhibitors with Sharnford Violet, a tall, stretchy, dairy heifer by Instead Oberon. In second place were the Kennards with a Glacier daughter, Instead Beauty 39th.She was not as level across the top line or as correct in the teat placement as the first heifer, but had a lot going for her with size, strength and dairyness which put her above the third animal, also the Kennards, Instead Beauty 37th by Delta.

Dry Cows

The Dry Cow Class was easily the best class of the day. In first place again, were Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses with the best Mr Luck daughter I have seen, Sharnford Marigold. She is a lovely dairy cow, very well balanced throughout, with a terrific top line, legs and feet and a very correct udder. In second place were the Kennards with an extremely promising young cow, Instead Beauty 35th by Delta. She was also very well balanced, with great strength and a promising udder, but lacking the maturity of the first cow. Her size and dairyness gave her the advantage over the third cow, again from the Kennards, Chiddingstone Clarissa 32nd. This wonderful cow, by Spring Walk Gingers Jake, approaching her 9th calf, is still showing all the great attributes that have caused her to have longevity, but was beaten by two modern dairy cows on the day. A special mention for the cow in fourth place, Bickfield Dot 64th, who is well known to me, as she was my favourite cow at Coopers Court Farm. She is now owned by Ron Smith, who had her in superb condition, and she has the typical traits passed on from her Sire, Sunninghill Park Tallisman, of a lovely correct udder and superb legs and feet, though a little on the small side. She was unlucky to be in such a strong class. Thank you for bringing her, Ron.

Wayford Pride 2

Ron Smith gained his reward in the Young Cow in Milk Class with the very correct, but rather small, Wayford Pride 2nd. This daughter of Robinsfield Montrose 7th, had a much better udder than the other cows in the Class. In second place was Sharnford Maisy, by Instead Blizzard, from Suffolk Farmhouse Cheese. She was more stylish than the third cow, Ron Smith’s Bentley Highness Kirsty.

Instead Beauty 28 EX 90

Nigel and Anne Kennard had the only Senior Cow forward. This was the Coulee Crest Enhancer Storm daughter, Instead Beauty 28th, a lovely bodied cow, who paraded well and showed many of the characteristics inherited from this superb cow family.

Sharnford Marigold, winner of the Dry Cow Class, was the only cow forward in the production class and a worthy winner.

The Kennards won the Group Class from Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses, but neither entrant really had two cows that matched, let alone, three.

Sharnford Marigold EX 90

I have judged something like thirty six shows over the years, in that time I believe I have only made a Dry Cow Champion on one other occasion, but I had no hesitation in making Sharnford Marigold the Champion, as she was the best Guernsey forward. In Reserve I placed Instead Beauty 28th, with the Honourable Mention going to Sharnford Violet.

I believe the Champion and Reserve were the same last year, although Marigold was in milk on that occasion and, remarkably, this was Sharnford Marigold’s third successive Championship at The Royal Norfolk Show. Congratulations to Jason and Katherine Salisbury at Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses.

Finally, this was my third time judging The Royal Norfolk Show and I have to say, the hospitality is second to none and very much appreciated by all the Judges.


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